July 12 - July 15, 2018 / Hong Kong, HK International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

AHP/ANP in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility
July 12 - July 15, 2018Hong Kong, HK

Saturday 14 July, 2018

09:00 am - 10:00 am

Professor Hao is an Associate Professor and the Assistant Dean (Advancement) of the City University of Hong Kong. Her research areas are Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Neural Networks, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Fraud Management and Enterprise Risk Management. She studied decision science in Pittsburgh with Professor Thomas Saaty, obtaining her PhD in Decision Sciences and Operations Management from the Katz Graduate School of Business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Her MI degree is in Industrial Engineering from Tianjin University in Tianjin, China, and her BSc degree is in Mathematics from Sichuan University in China.

Professor Hao's PhD thesis advisors were Professors Jen Shang and Luis Vargas. The latter is the Chair of this 2018 ISAHP conference in Hong Kong. She had an even more interesting historical association with AHP as her advisor at Tianjin University, where she got her MI degree, was Professor XU Shubo, who organized the first International Symposium of the Analytic Hierarchy Process there in 1988. It was his idea that it be a symposium and he was known as the Father of the ISAHP. Dr. Hao was one of the first Chinese scholars studying in the US.

During Professor Hao's academic career she has published more than 20 papers in distinguished scientific journals as well as written numerous chapters, conference papers, and creative and literary works.

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