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Enhancing Decision Making with AI
December 13- December 15, 2024WEB Conference

Call for papers - ISAHP2022

Decision-Making in Business Practice

ISAHP2022 theme is "Decision-Making in Business Practice". This year we aim to bridge the gap between academia and business practice and work together to propose new ways, improve the existing methodologies, evaluate, and analyze the ways that AHP/ANP have been combined to other theories and applied in practice.

The focus of ISAHP2022 is to showcase the latest research and practical applications from resource allocation to contract negotiation, to showcase the latest research and practical applications from resource allocation to contract negotiation, and conflict resolution along with changes and updates in the methodological steps needed to gain in practicality and applicability.

 Interested AHP/ANP participants need to submit a 2pages extended abstract following the ISAHP2022 submission guidelines available on the conference website. This year we are introducing a Best Paper Award based on a full paper submission, more details about this process will be published on our website.

Paper Submissions are open now!

ISAHP2022 is accepting paper submissions in the program topics listed below.


Select the most appropriate theme for your proposal from the following list (or propose a new one) and enter it in the designated place in the online submission system. Should you have a question contact

  • Track #1 - MCDA Theory
  • Track #2 - Education, Government and Public Policy
  • Track #3 - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Track #4 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Track #5 - Healthcare
  • Track #6 - Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Track #7 - Risk Analysis and Disaster Management
  • Track #8 - Supply Chain Management
  • Track #9 - Extensions of Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Decision Making
  • Track #10 - Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization
  • Track#11 - Business Application


We are glad to announce that the ISAHP2022 conference will also accept poster presentations. An effective poster presentation will help your study be known by colleagues and get your main point(s) across to as many people as possible. Also, the scientific committee may determine that a specific submission is more suitable for a poster presentation.


While this submission will be enough for reviewing and acceptance purposes, participants are encouraged to follow up with a full paper and submit it to the International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (IJAHPwithin the following 8-10 weeks after the symposium for revision and eventual publication in a special issue or as part of a special section dedicated to the symposium in the first and/or second IJAHP issue in 2022. Additional publication opportunities are still possible and will be announced in the ISAHP2022  website. 


Events Important dates
Start of proposal submissions September 1, 2022
Submission deadline November 14, 2022
Acceptance/Rejection Letters Rolling from November 14, 2022


ISAHP Program Committee Conference sponsor
Conference Honorary Chair: Luis Vargas Creative Decisions Foundation
Conference Chairman: John Saaty Rozann Saaty, President
Program Co-Chairs: Birsen Karpak, Marcel Minutolo, Elena Rokou
Head of Scientific Committee: Enrique Mu, Antonella Petrillo
Conference Manager: Lirong Wei

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