December 13- December 15, 2024 / WEB Conference International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Enhancing Decision Making with AI
December 13- December 15, 2024WEB Conference



Welcome to ISAHP 2022!
It is a pleasure to welcome all members of our AHP/ANP community to our second virtual meeting. While we had decided to move the ISAHP in 2020 to a virtual meeting, at the time it was not apparent how successful it would be to host a meeting virtually! What we found is that it enabled researchers and practitioners from around the world to rapidly converge and share the latest accomplishments, concepts, and research in the application of AHP/ANP in an impactful, convenient, and low-cost manner. When my father, Dr. Thomas Saaty, passed away in 2017 the last thing he told our family was "always look forward, never look back." As a pioneer in planning he would have been a strong supporter of a virtual conference format, one in which we all get to leave behind the vestiges of the pandemic and "move forward" in our respective pursuits. I hope that you can appreciate the import of his statement and overall idea of "looking forward."

I would also like to thank Rozann Saaty, my mother and the founder of the Creative Decisions Foundation (CDF). CDF provides funds to organize this symposium and also grants for scholars and students to attend this event. We also heartily thank our sponsors, Arama Consulting, Decision Lens, and The International Society of Multiple Criteria Decision Making, without which many of the scholarships would not have been available.

This meeting, whose theme is "Decision-Making in Business Practice" is not only dedicated to Tom's memory and to his legacy but also to our desire to see this ground-breaking theory applied in actual practice, relevant to the most important decisions that organizations make in the world today. We also seek to recruit a new generation of AHP/ANP researchers and practitioners interested in promoting better decision making in an ever more complex world. Finally, I would like to express my recognition to all the members of the organizing committee: CDF president Rozann Saaty, program co-chairs Biesen Karpak, Marcel Minutolo and Elena Rokou, the head of the scientific committee Enrique Mu and Antonella Petrillo and our hard-working conference manager Lirong Wei. Without them this even would not have been possible. Enjoy the symposium!

John Saaty
Executive Committee, ISAHP

Birsen Karpak, PhD
Conference Co-Chair

Marcel Minutolo, PhD
Conference Co-Chair

Elena Rokou, PhD
Conference Co-Chair

Enrique Mu, PhD
Head of Scientific Committee

Antonella Petrillo, PhD
Head of Scientific Committee