December 13- December 15, 2024 / WEB Conference International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Enhancing Decision Making with AI
December 13- December 15, 2024WEB Conference



Creative Decisions Foundation
The Creative Decisions Foundation was established by Thomas and Rozann Saaty to promote more rational decision-making by people. The Foundation sponsors education, research and software development in advanced methods of decision-making involving the AHP. Of particular interest are conflict resolution, group decision-making on societal issues by incorporating strength of preference rather than the yes-no traditional way of voting, purchasing and resource allocation decisions for private and governmental organizations, and decision-making over the internet.

Arama Consulting
Arama Consulting, has been presenting their unique, new vision-creating designs in the field of management based on scientific studies supported by participatory methods for more than thirty years. The main purpose of their services is to design and implement high impact moves for their customers, thus, ensure their sustainable success.

Decision Lens
Decision Lens develops integrated planning software which modernizes how government prioritizes, plans, and funds. We have been transforming public sector planning since 2005, delivering the people, process and technology which empower agencies to effectively meet the needs of today while delivering the cutting-edge capabilities of tomorrow. Customers across the Department of Defense, intelligence community, federal civilian agencies, and state and local governments achieve a sustained operational advantage through superior long-term planning, continuous medium-term prioritization, and short-term funding execution.

International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making
MCDM can be defined as the study of methods and procedures by which concerns about multiple conflicting criteria can be formally incorporated into the management planning process.
The purposes of the Society are to develop, test, evaluate and apply methodologies for solving multiple criteria decision-making problems, to foster interaction and research in the scientific field of multiple criteria decision making, and to cooperate with other organizations in the study of management from a quantitative perspective.

We are very pleased that the ISAHP conference has beem endorsed by MCDM.